Adam’s Run

comedic contemporary opera on climate collapse. Music by Ruby Fulton and libretto by Baynard Woods. 

Set in a near-future America, TV personalities Julie Shore (the Existentialist Weather Woman) and Reverend Billy Noble (the Environmentalist Evangelist) vie for America’s viewership. Despite ideological differences, Billy and Julie choose to work together, but not without retaliation from Billy's cousin and fervent follower, Rodney Richards. TV producer Dana Daring tells their story as a series of flashbacks.

Presented by Renegade Opera at Shaking the Tree Theatre (September 2023). Roles: Producer | Performer (Ensemble/Dana Daring cover).

Creative Team: Melory Mirashrafi (Stage Director), Tommy Soultanian (Assistant Director), Danielle Jagelski (Music Director & Conductor), Alea Tran (Stage Manager), Kelli McDonough (Costume Designer), Mandana Khoshnevisan (Lighting Designer),  Tyler Buswell + Bobbie Yeo (Scenic Designers), Chris O’Toole (Sound Designer).
Cast: Lisa Neher (Dana Daring),  Madeleine Tran (Julie Shore), Quinton Gardner (Reverend Billy Noble), Matthew Rowning (Rodney Richards), Elliot Menard (Ensemble/Dana Daring Understudy) Maeve Stier (Ensemble/Julie Shore Understudy), Nick Toto (Ensemble/(Billy Noble Understudy). Orchestra:  Ignacio Ojeda Romero (Piano),  Philip Kettler (Cello), Colleen Bernstein (Percussion + Glockenspiel), Derec Steinman (Percussion + Electric Bass), Matthew Rowning (Electric Guitar), Sean Fredenburg (Saxophone), Ryan Downs (Violin), Tyler Slaughter (Viola).