A chamber opera for eight (or more) treble voices, cello, and flute by Elliot Menard.

ORPHEUS/OVID explores our dreams of reunion with lost loved ones through Ovid’s poetry. Rooted in her background in Classics, Menard’s compositions translate her interpretation of the epic poem into an aural experience, give voice to the parts of the story that have faded to obscurity, and offer a new perspective on an ancient story.

Work samples from:
ORPHEUS SONGS, a workshop concert. Presented by Open Gate Theatre & Renegade Opera at Kulak’s Woodshed (November 2023). Roles: Composer | Performer | Producer.
Recurrence, a new oratorio. Presented by the N.E.O. Voice Festival at the First Congregational Church of Los Angeles (July 2023). Roles: Composer | Performer.

Photos: Todd France.
Performers: Nelle Anderson, Mikaela Elson, Jolee Gordon, Erin Mihalka, Emma-rose Bauman, and Marly Gonzalez.